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Friday, February 10, 2006 

Zing went the strings of my heart - Part 1

Friday, January 13, 2006: It started out like most of my days: up extremely early, bleary-eyed by 9 am.

I have a ‘bad’ habit of reading all of my favorite blogs when I first get to work. Yes, I know I also have a ‘bad’ habit of reading them all through the day, but nevermind.

Anyway, I had just finished reading Secret Agent Josephine’s post about her friend, Lori, who works with a truly amazing organization that helps abandoned dogs. SAJ posted a link to Lori’s blog, and there I read about heartbreakers like Georgie and Jazz.

ASIDE: Please take a moment and click through those links, even if you're not in the position to donate, there just might be some other way to be a part of a terrific organization!

I was practically sobbing by the end of the story and knew I had to help in some way. While a huge donation was fiscally impossible for me, I managed to wring out enough dough to provide a little bit to one of these lost babies. I hoped it had made a tiny difference.

No sooner had I wiped my nose and out of the corner of my eye, I see a little black ‘something’ go darting past one of the glass doors that lead into our lobby. I wasn’t too surprised because my office is located just to the south of the county animal shelter. Unfortunately, heartless monsters drop off dogs and cats out here all the time. These fucktards believe that even though the shelter is closed, leaving the animal in the parking lot is just as good. (I try my best to refrain from cursing, but there really isn’t any other word to describe these ‘people’. I’ve had a hand in helping two abandoned dogs find really good homes in the last year alone!)

Mornings in this area are prone to heavy traffic. There’s a school bus maintenance yard less than half a mile away and I didn’t want whatever it was to get hit. So I took a shortcut through the breakroom and opened the backdoor. The ‘thing’ was a little black dog who had turned the corner of the building and was sitting on the doormat, waiting.

Yes, waiting. Most likely for me.

LEAPING! Lizards! As soon as the ‘thing’ saw me, it jumped straight up off of the mat in fluid motion. Just as soon as it hit the ground, UP it sprang again – this time adding a little wiggle. So I grabbed it up and brought it in, all the while it was making noises that reminded me of giggles....if such a creature COULD giggle. The poor dear was dirty, and was covered in small thorn-like stickers, probably picked up from being in the vacant, tumbleweed-infested field nearby.

I was surprised at how light it was, since the black, matted dreadlocks underneath the stickers made it look heavier. I brought it into the area where my desk is. I’m surrounded by a counter with a little door that can be opened and shut. So once we were closed in, I decided to have a closer look.

Two big, brown eyes. One small, wet nose. Two black and tan, floppy ears. One tail that had not stopped wagging. Four black legs with tan colored fur beginning just about where an ankle would be. Okay.

One very sweet and happy dog was again doing his yo-yo impersonation for me. I couldn’t stop laughing. Actually, it took me another 15 minutes to get him to settle down long enough for me to conclude that he IS male. I wasn’t too worried what my boss would say. He’s just as much an animal lover as I am and he’s even helped me get dogs into the building before.

He had come downstairs after hearing me laughing and said, “Oh boy. Who’s your new friend?”

I smiled at him and answered, “I don’t know, but here we go again.”

Hi! I see you found yourself a friend! ;) I just recently found your blog and imagine my surprise when I clicked to read and I see MY name and my sweet Georgie and Jazz man mentioned! Cool!

You will be happy to know that Jazz is going to a great foster home tomorrow (he just finished camp....) and the guy also is thinking about adopting him. Woo Hoo!

Georgie is still in the kennel getting over kennel cough. I am taking him out for the day here and there. I've found out (the hard way) he doesn't like other dogs...AT ALL! He will be making a trip to Brandon's camp for dog aggression....He will be fine...he loves people and is a really good boy with humans.

My newest baby is Shanti....she was rescued from a shelter, with pneumonia and almost died...*sniff sniff* but now she is totally healthy and was at her first adoptions today. She is a baby (8 months old) border collie shepperd mix. A sweet heart!!!

Anyway, thanks for reading their stories! And thanks for rescuing little scrappy boy! If you need any help or hints in placing him in a home (if you don't keep him, that is) let me know. I'm in Los Angeles, so we are somewhat close.


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