Wednesday, October 26, 2005 

Don't give up on us baby

Wow people...where does time go?

I am so L-A-Z-Y when it comes to posting. I promised y'all and myself that this would not happen and LO and BEHOLD, I did it again. I played with your hearts, got lost in the game...ooh baybee, baybuh...OOPS.

Anyway, I have conquered one of my annual MAJOR projects at work this last week and am moving full steam ahead onto the next. And of course Halloween is just around the corner and my some of my local peeps are having a party and I'm orchestrating it for them because I do that stuffage too. Gee, you think I should go into the party/event/project planning business for myself? NAH!

If ever I was ca-RAZY with my thinkin, I surely would be thinkin I should do that!!

Back with more SOOOOON! OK? OK!