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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

Lips like sugar, sugar kisses

Yes, my lips like sugar. Hey, my entire body likes it! I guess it would be safe to say that I LOVE sugar. And with yesterday being Valentine's Day, it was just one more excuse to ingest MORE SUGAR!

I thought it might be difficult to attempt a sugarless day. I thought I might get a cookie or 2, or a box of conversation hearts. I had hoped that no one would forget that I cannot consume chocolate because of my affliction condition.

Yeah, let's just say it was all pretty much over when my boss brought in a huge red heart box BRIMMING with QUALITY chocolates that his pregnant wife received. She's experiencing extreme morning sickness and told him to get the vile thing out of the house.

And it really didn't help when my Mom called to tell me she had made fudge for STILTS.

C'est la vie!

In other news: I need a new pillow.

I don't know if ANYONE else in the world has as much trouble with pillows as I do, but DAMN IT! I can NEVER find a pillow that stays lofty without murdering the outer cartilage of my ears. For a long time now, I've been accustomed to sleeping with 2 pillows so that I wouldn't have an aching neck. Being a side sleeper, my ears end up being pressure points and need to be cushioned.

The kind of pillow arrangement that suits me best is to have a not-too-thick but moderately firm pillow on the bottom, and a lofty and super soft pillow on the top. That way, I have the height for my neck but my ears don't feel like burning embers either! My problems isn't usually with the bottom pillow as much as it is with the top. If the pillow is soft enough, it's either far too thick or far too thin, and I've even tried making my own from the innards of those hard to find softies. It's a cumbersome task that winds up with the looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man just blew up all over the windows and the floors.

I realize this is probably a very lame rant. I know you're probably thinking that pillows are the least of ANYONE's worries. I agree. It should be that way. Lord how I WISH it were that way.

And as long as I'm wishing, I wish that I didn't have an entire mouth full of sweet teeth either!!

The white pit mix you may have read about the other day is really sick. :( He could use your prayers and good vibes....and anyone else you know who would say prayers for him...
You can read here:


I am just sick to death about it! They think it might be distemper. He is so sick...and it happened so fast. I'm praying he will get better....


Hey, Mysh,

It sounds like you could be getting ready for a carreer shift. Surely you are not alone out there... I mean think of it. Most everyone has a neck and one (if not two) ears, and some significant percentage of those must be side sleepers. Another signfiicant percentage of those must face the same challenges of ear-pressing and neck-raising.

From here, it's all about finding that target audience... but I guess you have to find the perfect solution first, eh? Please post pictures of these Franken-pillows. I want to see the artist at work!


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