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Sunday, February 12, 2006 

Zing went the strings of my heart - Part 2

My boss asked if there was any dog food left in the breakroom. I told him that when Piper (my Pug) doesn't like a particular dry food, I've brought it in for the strays. So we took him to the copy room where he could be closed in for the time being.

He did not like that. at. all.

The 'giggles' quickly turned into high pitched yelps of "Oh no! No wait! Come back!!" So I stayed with him so he would relax and eat.

I knew I couldn't leave him, his yelps would ultimately disturb the other tenants in the building. He followed me back to my work space and laid down -- ON MY LAP! Do you know that old song, "the daring young man on the flying trapeze?" My boy didn't need a trapeze! With one graceful grande jete, he was off the floor and in my face in the blink of an eye.

And I was beginning to think he had a former life as a yoga instructor, because when he wasn't jumping, he was bowing down low to the floor and stretching his hind legs out with cat-like fluidity...not in the flicky - kicky manner like a lot of small dogs do. I put him back on the floor and told him I had to get a little work done. He laid right by my feet, happy as could be.

By lunchtime, the other tenants had come to see him. One of them said, "My, what a wooly doggie."

Which made me start thinking....Wooley....Woggey....Woogey. That's a fun name!

"HEY!! (I began having a conversation with myself.) You've already got a dog with a superior princessa attitude. This guy isn't going to go over with her very well. And he's going to have to have shots and get neutered and CERTAINLY groomed, not to mention who knows what else."

"I know, but I can't bring myself to turn him over to a shelter. You know the crappy conditions at the county one, and the other two non-kill places are going to be filled to capacity. I'm sure there's something I can do for him, someone who will want him."

"Uh huh."

"Besides, look at him! He's so cute, AND talented. He's not just any dog."


One month later:

Woogey is successfully making the transition from abandoned stray to full-fledged member of my household. Piper out weighs him by a long shot, but she hasn't inflicted her patent wrestling moves that the cats have to endure. He'll stick his nose right under her hind legs and lift them up.

"But I don't WANT to practice yoga!" I imagine her saying as her eyes bug out indignantly.

Between the money I've spent at Petsmart and the vet's office, I think I've qualified myself as a shareholder AT LEAST in one of the companies! Still, I can't think of anywhere else this Lhasa Poo mix could have wound up. He jumps and stretches and kisses me with gratitude every single day. He giggles all the time.

Last week, I was writing on our calendar that Woogey joined us January 13th. STILTS came up behind me and said, "Hey, that was 113. Just like our house number."

How about that. Woogey really was waiting for me!