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Thursday, December 15, 2005 

It's definitely Miss Jackson


Good grief. I had done my best to avoid getting sick and thought I had done a groovy job. Last week though, I had a mild to moderate cold that only lasted 4 days -- presumably because I was so full of shtuff that would combat those nasty old cold virus germs.

And I had a few days of wellness.

Yesterday, they came back with a VENGENCE! I shivered in bed last night without the ability to relax and warm up under the 3 feet of blankets I was buried under. My body was racked with pain. My voice comes and goes. But I haven't got a fever or any green mucus. I have a cough and my chest feel filled with fog but that's it.

What planet did these germs come from?

You know what works really well? Cold-eeze.

Cheesy name but works reallyw ell.

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