Thursday, September 22, 2005 

Wot U (Think U) Need

You think after they have him grow his hair out, they'll get what they wanted all along?

After seeing the finale last night, I understand why they chose him. He sounds just like Michael. They were looking for a replacement, not a new lead singer!

Don't you know they had to have PAID the other non-finalists to return! I know I wouldn't have wanted to sit there for an hour or more having to relive that agony again, thinking "That should've been me, that should have been me, why wasn't that me!"

I hope some of them get a better chance for solo careers. Many of them would be amazing on their own, and a few of them shouldn't leave those day jobs!

Monday, September 19, 2005 

Hair today and tomorrow

I don't get it.

My son has bee-yoo-tee-ful hair. It's a gorgeous dark brown with to die for chestnut highlights. It's the color I'd LOVE to find in a bottle for my own dye job. It's full without being too thick and it shines like a brand new penny. It's straight, unlike mine which has a natural wave to it and he won't have to ever EVER worry about his father's untimely receeding hairline affecting him.

When he was born, my kid's hair was sandy blonde. He wasn't ever a full on tow-head...but he had enough of the blonde going on that I wondered if it would stay with him most of his life. Then, when he was about 2, I was giving him a "trim" at home and needless to way carried away with the clippers and gave the poor kid a buzz cut.

It started growing back the color it is now and he's asked me if I'm responsible for making him miss his opportunity to be a blonde. He's never let me forget it. Not. ever. No. forgetting. Ever.

When his hair is clean and he's just dried it with the hair-dryer, you really have to restrain yourself from running your fingers through it. It's enough to make any male model from an Abercrombie & Fitch ad green with's THAT sweet. But that's not good enough for him.

WHY, can somebody just tell me WHY it is that he feels the need to transform himself into Moe Howard? No offense please. I love the Stooges just as much as anyone -- n'yuk, n'uyk -- but soitenly, there has got to be a reason he plasters each and every hair down onto his head!

We've had many a heated tete a tete over this. His says he likes his "style" and I ask him how many other kids run around with bowl cuts at school. I ask him to ask his girl friends (girls who are friends) what kind of hair cuts they think he would look good in. He gets mad and says they would laugh at him for asking that.

I'm thinking, "And they aren't laughing at you with the shallacked do?"

I know he's got to create his own sense of self, his own style, his own HIM. I know I cannot possibly dictate who he is becoming. But for the love of all double crosses and why yie ottas -- I just want to see his forehead again!

Friday, September 16, 2005 

Chicken...make a lousy housepet!

Do you remember that Dana Carvey skit from Saturday Night Live? I laughed at it. I'm not laughing anymore though.

THIS scares the SHIT out of me. This is why I'm constantly telling my kid why it is so very, very important to wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. And call me paranoid, but I think I'll just stop eating any kind of poultry whatsoever just to be safe.

And here I've been worrying about California's preparedness in the event of a major earthquake. I think after reading this, I'll take a week's worth of localized 6.0 quakes ANY DAY.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 

All aboard!

I woke up this morning with Ozzy Osborne singing the beginning to Crazy Train in my head. Not the part with words mind you, the part where he goes, "eiy, iye, yieyie". Over and over and over.

My friend E sent me these two links. The first one is from Anne Rice and her feelings about society and the governmental apathy towards helping people in NOLA. It's really a good commentary. The second one is more scathing from survivors points of view. Have a look.

I found this gripping account about what happens when anarchy and chaos are mixed with desperation and apathy from survivors about the sheer Hell on Earth not inside the Superdome, but in the New Orleans Convention Center.

On the lighter side (and oh how I search constantly for it) I had a good, hearty laugh the other night watching Jon Stewart. He made the remark that Hurricane Katrina is Bush's Monica Lewinsky and that the Republicans were really going to have to speak out against Bush having his pants down on this whole thing to save face, just like the Democrats had to speak out against Clinton, even though they could care less if he was getting a piece of ass. Jon said the only difference though is that millions of people were not left stranded inside of Monica's vagina even though she was "the big easy".

I must admit, I'm really happy to see celebrities coming out in droves to help with donations and spend a few tiny hours of their time with people in the NICE, CLEAN shelters. It's really giving of them, wouldn't you say? Mary Hart practically peed herself delivering the news that Jennifer Aniston donated half a million to the relief fund. I think the former Mrs. Pitt could have given more than that though, don't you? I really think celebrities should be opening up their homes for displaced people. My gosh, nearly every single one of them has what, at least two if not more mansions all over the place! Just choose one location and let about 100 families take up residence there! I'm sure they'd keep the place nice and tidy and well looked after. Sheesh, I'm just sayin!

It's that time of year again when my tiny circle of the universe becomes insanely busy. I've got about 3 major projects that I'm handling about 91% alone, and I'm juggling them all at the same time. It's all old hat and nothing new, but I'm getting a little sick and tired of being the only designated one to have all this fun. I'm really quite willing to share!

I didn't get to do all the updating and improvements to the blog over the Labor Day weekend like I had hoped. They're still in the works. Be patient. :O)

Please don't forget, if you haven't already donated to help the animal rescue effors in the South you can go to any one of the following web sites and give a little bit! Just look at the photos and try to imagine your own pet in these situations! It breaks the heart -- as well it should.

Humane Society of the United States

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Noah's Wish

Best Friends Animal Society

Many, Many More

Thank you! Woof, chirp, whinny, meow!

More later.

Friday, September 02, 2005 

Give them something to talk about?

WTF people? Our government can send troops to Iraq, Afghanistan, plenty of other places where situations are deadly. And what happens when those troops get taken out? They just send more!

So, when a catastrophic situation develops in the southern states of AMERICA, how come it takes 5 goddam days to send troops? Why were rescue operations halted and "troops" pulled out when lawlessness took over? Why weren't more troops just sent in?

The media is giving me whiplash. Is it true that anarchy is everywhere, that people run amok with guns, shooting willy nilly? Is it true that anyone trying to give aid to the refugees is being shot at?Earlier today, I've heard through the media that lawlessness isn't wide spread, that it's sporadic at best and limited to only a few pockets hither and thither. Well? Which is it? Because if it's the latter situation and there aren't that many people hampering rescue efforts, why are rescue attempts being aborted with the excuse of fear of violence being given?

I realize that the media is prone to um....highlighting the negative. How much more NEGATIVE can the desperation of thousands upon thousands of people be? While the situation outside the Superdome and at the Convention Center grab all of the attention, click that link and read post after post of people sending out SOS's for loved ones all throughout the southland who are still in their houses, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc.

Oh FEMA, Oh Mr. President, Oh National Guard directors! Are you going to send the troops in and get these people? Are you gonna let them die? Do you know how bad this is going to make you look if somewhere in the back of your minds, you're thinking that letting these people die will solve a lot of problems that will domino through the economy because of this catastrophe?

Don't forget about the media! They'll be showing your every apathetic decisions on the nightly news and in the papers and oh yeah, on the net.

I know, I's almost time for my meds and to climb back into my padded abode but JESUS, I'm not the only person wondering WTF!!


I've got some great articles for you from LA Weekly - remind me to send them!

Posted by: E

Thursday, September 01, 2005 

Give a little bit.

My stomach is in turmoil right now. Not only am I ashamed to be an American after watching the latest news, I am seething that I cannot raise money through a particular worldwide auction site!!!

What is wrong with this world? Do those crazed-gun-toting-asses actually think that they're going to turn the South into Mad Max Beyond the Superdome? Obviously they do not care past one drugless minute that shooting at the people who are trying to RESCUE them and the people around them are going to turn tail and leave! Hello? Think PAST the heroine or gang mentality for one moment.

Jesus, there are so many people down there who aren't even at any of the "staging areas" -- they are completely stranded within cities all over the place. Gee, the nightly news doesn't seem to have any problem finding them and putting them on tv, so why in the FUCK isn't any FEMA or National Guard soldiers getting to them? Fucking politics and fat asses who have their heads shoved up other people's asses? Pardon me while I'm livid.

Another blow to this frustration is that Eflay decided that 3 out of 4 items I was auctioning to raise donations for the Houston SPCA "violated" their listing policies because I didn't go through their Mission Fish pages, which apparently is the only "viable" way they think people should help. Well, the Houston SPCA isn't listed on the Mission Fish site as an organization to give money to! I stated on my auction pages that 100% of my auction proceeds would go to make one large donation to the Houston SPCA. This evening, I visited to see if anyone had bid on anything only to find that the listings had vanished without a clue. One listing was left and I quickly revised it so that it wouldn't "EXACTLY" say what my intentions are, but alluded to it for anyone watching the item.

Sure, it's fine to offer up bogus shit for your own rewards, shit that is in total violation every day, shit that you see plenty of people making money on for their own good and you try to do something good in the face of hopelessness and YOU are the person they look at say "OH NO, You can't do THAT!"

Somebody please explain the assbackwards thinking on either one of these situations! Am I nucking futs or what?

In the meantime, please remember all of the four-legged creatures that cannot attempt to wave the news crews down for airtime, begging and pleading to be picked up for a chance to live in a shelter. Please donate to any SPCA or other various organization helping animals scared to death by mankind and mother nature. I know humankind and children are important and I have donated to the Red Cross, but please throw any sized bone to those poor animals.

Thank you.